Sex and the City is coming to a screen near you (our city league, too)

The girls are back and – omg – all that shopping would  be so much easier if only they had gone contactless. My question: Where is the product placement when we really need it? Or maybe Carrie will just wave and pay her Latte? Anyway, while women across the globe are bracing themselves for the arrival of the next SATC feature film in May, we are also getting ready to premier our own city initiative – The Contactless & NFC City League. The criteria are put together, the list of contactless cities is growing daily and lots of players are getting very excited about the industry’s first comprehensive league table. There is also a happy end, of course, which will be the Contactless & NFC City Awards in the coming year and even though we will not expect you to turn up in extravagant designer frock, we are expecting some shrieking in the audience.

To showcase the Contactless & NFC City League, we have used the NFC Experience trial at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. View this project to see how points are awarded and how the categories work when applied to a trial.

We are continuously adding new cities to the league table, so bookmark this page and come back to see the latest entries. Coming up next will be Bangalore (India) Sitges (Spain) and London (UK), as well as  Oulo (Finland) and Bracknell (UK).


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