Get ready, Nice – our camera team is on the way!

Matthew Vaughn certainly is no Steve Atkins when it comes to hair but then again Steve is no Matthew when it comes to directing. There is justice in the world.

Give us an N – Give us an F – Give us a C. Yeah, thats right – we are coming into town to see the pilot in action. Start polishing those readers, sync the handsets and show us what you have got. Thanks to our sponsor VISA we are heading south to capture all there is to see about this much talked and written about pilot in the beautiful city of Nice. With a hectic schedule and phonetically written french questions in our Vuitton cases (when in France, do as the French do) – our team – led by anchorman extraordinaire Steve Atkins – is descending upon Nice airport as we speak. We wanted to fly private, but all jets are booked up, so the friendly orange airline had to do. Let me tell you though: They love us camera people! Each tripod costs as much in airfare as one passenger….Unbelievable! But nothing can stop us leaving Germany’s capital  – on what could be the final day of this soccer crazy country in the World Cup – and go to another, lets say, confused soccer nation. Watch this space to find out more (about the filming, not the football).

Copyright (Picture) Paramount.


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