Good news for british rail runners and road warriors – fast food is getting faster.

No, silly. That's not your eggs ringing. It's the sign for contactless!

UK roadside restaurant chain Little Chef’s announcement that it would be deploying contactless payment systems in all 173 restaurants caused quite a stir in our League offices. Stories surfaced of childhood memories, vacations gone bad, roadside celebrations (various), secretive sales rep meetings over “Full English” – Little Chef played a substantial role in all of them. This beloved pioneer of roadside comfort is now at the forefront of payment technology and taking contactless across the whole country. If we didn’t already have a Contactless Monkey Award for retailers – we would have come up with it now!

So Little Chef takes contactless beyond London – but what is happening in our Nr. 1 League City? Well, also this week AMT Coffee announced the completion of it’s national contactless payment roll-out. It unveiled the 65th branch to adopt contactless in Marylebone – apparently London’s fastest growing rail station.  This is what Jon Hassall, CEO at AMT Coffee said at the occasion:Before April this year, none of our branches accepted debit or credit cards but the speed of contactless persuaded us it was a must have for a coffee retailer in busy railway stations. We recognise the importance of a flawless customer experience for today’s busy commuter. Contactless is an important part of the future of payments and AMT Coffee is committed to embracing it.”

All in all,  with this roll-out momentum, the findings of a flash poll conducted by that 72% of Brits favor contactless technology are hardly a big surprise!

Picture credit: Little Chef

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One Comment on “Good news for british rail runners and road warriors – fast food is getting faster.”

  1. July 22, 2010 at 1:46 pm #

    I never said the sales meetings were ‘secretive’. Just that the sales routes we used had Little Chef restaurants as points of reference and places for pre-sales visit rendezvous. The ‘Full English’ WAS good though! Happy memories…

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