Sorry, has anyone seen an oversized white carrier bag?

Ok, so this bag isn't particularly mobile. But you can't miss it, either!

On the lookout for this mighty  symbol of mobile shopping – the symbol of SITGES 2010  – we are off to this lovely town near Barcelona – cameras in tow. We have been waiting for this for some time, but, quite understandably, participating merchants were not hugely excited at the thought of letting us into their shops during the highest holiday season. But now, as the nicely tanned Krauts and Brits are leaving the Catalan coast, we are moving in. All booked up in a lovely place in the centre of town (run by Michel and Michel – cute, isn’t it?) – and with a full schedule prepared, we will get to talk to the Operators, Banks and merchants involved in the NFC trial. September 13th – 15th we will capture all there is to see about this latest NFC trial thanks to VISA  and bring it to a screen near you. This Contactless Intelligence production will also be shown here at Cities, so stay tuned or follow us on Twitter to find out more about our camera team’s adventures in Spain.


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