Scottish showcase for contactless technology

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The Scottish capital’s strong identity makes it the perfect location to showcase contactless and demonstrate the technology’s capabilities.

In what was considered a pioneering move in the UK back in 2006, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and MasterCard began trialling contactless debit cards at the bank’s head office campus in Gogarburn, near Edinburgh, to test convenience as well as user and retailer acceptance.

This was an ideal location since it contained a range of outlets where the cards could be used and represented a microcosm of the ‘real shopping world’. A small number of retailers took part in the trial including Starbucks, Tesco Express, a hair salon and a canteen. Around a third of the campus’ 3,000 staff applied for the specially adapted Maestro card, which could be used during the year-long trial.

RBS was also the first bank in the UK to test out phone debit payments using Maestro PayPass. The scheme, known as Tap and Go, ran in Edinburgh during 2007 and used Nokia handsets.

Edinburgh has proved a good testing ground for the bank, which has now rolled out contactless cards to customers in London following its successful trials in the city.

And it looks like it could become the venue for even more contactless rollouts, with the technology set to be tested with season ticket holders on the main Edinburgh-Glasgow railway line.

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