Dreaming about a contactless Oktoberfest…

Plenty of options where a contactless device could be stored while having fun...

Last night I had an obscure dream. I was in Munich, it was about midday and after twelve gun salutes , the first keg of beer of the annual Wiesn (Oktoberfest) was about to be tapped. The anticipation and excitement of the days and weeks that lay ahead caused my heart to beat faster. When the Mayor of Munich finally cried “O’zapft is!” (It’s tapped) and the beer officially started to be served I started to look for my cash to grab one of the first liter steins that were being brought to the tables by busty waitresses. Waving my 100 Euro note towards the serving lady, I got passed and passed and passed again. Thirstily, I realized: They were not willing to hand me over all their change in the first hour of business. This was, indeed,  a nightmare!

I woke up sweating – the faint sound of a brass band still in my ear. I was over 500 km away from Munich, and yes, usually today  I am exactly where my dream took me: In the middle of a crowded beer tent. So why I am sharing this with you – dear followers – on Contactless Cities. Well, the dream continued and turned into a dream  about a contactless Wiesn: An Oktoberfest where spending as well as budgeting is made easier through the use of contactless technology and the smart use of applications. Pay-Right Apps that help you out with the tipping in tents and maybe even a Worried Spouse App that send you pre-recorded message after the 5th liter of beer. There once had been a Wiesn Card , now nowhere to be found.  But this is many many moons ago and someone should have a go at this again, I think. In any case, it is the perfect environment to put NFC and contactless systems under a stress test. At least, that’s what my subconscious was trying to tell me ……


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