Prague opens up to contactless technology

Panoramic view of Prague Castle

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The Czech capital has long been a favourite with tourists keen to admire the architecture, take in the culture and sup some of the beers for which the city is rightly famous. But it is also starting to make the headlines with its contactless projects.

Contactless readers are in action in the city thanks to the Opencard, issued by Prague City Hall. This smart card can be used to pay parking fees in different zones of the city. It carries prepaid electronic parking vouchers and can also be used as a public transport season ticket. In addition, Opencard allows users to access other services, such as libraries. The contactless system has been delivered via a partnership involving technology provider Haguess, parking specialist Parkeon and Prague City Council. According to Parkeon, an estimated 300 terminals are now in place throughout the city.

Contactless technology is also being used on cell phones in Prague. T-Mobile employees in the city’s Roztyly district are testing Samsung NFC handsets to access the company’s premises, print documents and make payments in the cafeteria. Other companies involved in the trial are Xerox, Alimex and Eurest.

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