Official launch of the student virtual card on NFC mobiles on Nice Future Campus

"Nice, France"

Image by HGruber via Flickr

In 2009, the “Nice Future Campus” project obtained the support of the French Ministry of Industry as part of the IPER-SMSC call for tenders (Innovation in Business Processes using RFID Radio Frequency Identification – Contactless Mobile Services). The objective of this experimental project, a first in Europe, was to apply the standard for future NFC mobiles to the University Campus of the Future and demonstrate added value for the students.

This project will incorporate around one hundred students on the UNS campus during a multi-disciplinary pilot project during 2011 starting in January after the first semester exams.

Mobile services that will be available in the project include;

  • A context-based location information service. By touching an NFC tagged target on campus, the user can view the route to his next lecture, find a given place, the location of a book in the library, etc.  Through an interactive shop window, this service also offers access to general information about the UNS, small ads, job and course offers…
  • A location based social networking service: the student can ‘blog’ about a place or book and leave context-based messages on the social networking sites Facebook® or Twitter® through simple contact with an NFC tag.
  • An augmented reality library service: by touching/scanning the target book, the student can glance through the recommendations of his course lecturers, notes on this book and comments left by other students, but also interact in return and give his opinion.
  • The Woomji application by Extelia (in partnership with the UNS) dedicated to event management and ticketing/vouchers on NFC mobile.
  • A mobile payment service for the university restaurant, for the vending machines and shops around campus through the integrated Moneo electronic wallet

          There is a chance to try out the services and learn further details by attending a presentation about the mobile services of the first virtual student card on 18th February 2011 from 2pm to 6pm at the Valrose Science Faculty campus which will be attended by all the partners from the Nice Future Campus consortium:


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