Oberthur Technologies and NXP Announce Licensing Agreement for MIFARE on SIM Cards

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NXP Semiconductors N.V. and Oberthur Technologies, have announced a licensing agreement for NXP’s MIFARE™ technology. This agreement enables Oberthur Technologies to integrate MIFARE™ into its SIM cards globally. Oberthur claims that this agreement will mean a further drive in the adoption of NFC-enabled phones in infrastructures such as public transit, event ticketing, customer loyalty programs and access control around the globe.

Under this agreement, Oberthur Technologies will expand its existing UICC product portfolio adding MIFARE DESFire™ and MIFARE Plus™ technology. This will lead to increased availability of UICC cards incorporating MIFARE™ technology, allowing mobile operators and service providers to broaden their offerings in mobile contactless services. MIFARE™ isthe most widespread contactless smart card technology worldwide, providing the benchmark for performance, flexibility and security.

“We are pleased to add MIFARE DESFire™ and MIFARE Plus™ technology to our existing portfolio. This new application will contribute to provide appropriate answers to customers’ need in the field of transport, access management, loyalty and payment”, said Cédric Collomb, General Manager Cards and Services, Card Systems Division at Oberthur Technologies.

“MIFARE™ is the driving force behind contactless infrastructures around the world. With this agreement we bring the convenience of MIFARE™ technology to even more consumers with Oberthur Technologies’ strong position in SIM markets,” said Henri Ardevol, Vice President and General Manager, Secure Transactions, NXP Semiconductors. “This significant expansion of the MIFARE™ licensing program further underscores the importance of MIFARE™ as an open architecture platform for end-to-end solutions encompassing both smart cards and smart devices such as NFC equipped mobile phones.”

MIFARE™ is a secure contactless technology that is being used in hundreds of contactless infrastructures around the world. NXP has licensed MIFARE™ technology to various manufacturers, with a network of over 1000 partners supplying all the elements of the system. The adoption of the technology into mobile phones is facilitated by MIFARE™ licensed UICC card vendors and the MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group which standardises the uniform management of MIFARE™ applications on NFC-enabled secure elements. Oberthur Technologies is both a MIFARE licensee as well as a founding member of the MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group.

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