Morpho and Think&Go NFC partner for Near Field Communication Technology mass deployment now

Morpho (Safran group) and Think&Go NFC are joining forces with their hardware and software solutions to allow mass deployment of NFC solutions on existing phones. The first result of this cooperation will be a trial deployed at the Leclerc supermarket at Nice St Isidore (part of the Leclerc supermarket chain) and involving 200 frequent shoppers starting in March 2011.

All major market analysts agree that NFC is finally taking off. However, although several NFC handsets are expected to be announced during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, hundreds of new phone models will be introduced this year without NFC, adding to the 5 billion non-NFC phones already in use. Even the most optimistic forecasts predict that several years will be needed to reach a critical mass of NFC phones. Given the high level of interest in the technology, Morpho and Think&Go NFC have formed a partnership that delivers solutions with business benefit to companies wanting to deploy NFC-powered services now.

Combining the forces of Morpho’s “NFC Mobile Wallet,” a mobile contactless sticker that upgrades any handset with NFC functionality, with the Think&Go NFC service deployment platform and experience allows a one-stop shop for companies who want to concentrate on delivering value to customers rather than on the technology involved.

Morpho’s NFC Mobile Wallet can use any of several different contactless chips, including their best of breed Visa and MasterCard certified JMV Pro CL payment card product, which allows full over-the-air provisioning and management. However, unlike other solutions for adding NFC to existing phones, Morpho’s NFC Mobile Wallet implements all NFC modes to allow applications that go beyond payment and embrace applications with tag read/write features, which have the huge advantage of being both easy to deploy and totally original. Morpho’s NFC Mobile Wallet connects to handsets using Bluetooth, which means that NFC is seamlessly integrated into the user mobile experience.

As part of Morpho’s strategy to turn NFC technology into real business, Morpho also provides SWP-enabled SIM cards.

To experience the business cases linked to the sticker, Think&Go NFC offers a market-ready set of solutions and services:

  • NFC Sticker App Store to download a particular application following phone and sticker configuration
  • NFC Wrapper, which makes it possible to manage the best user experience on the Morpho NFC Mobile Wallet and on NFC phones with or without a secure element
  • NFC content management platform
  • NFC behavior monitoring platform
  • NFC advertising channel platform: pushes relevant advertising when NFC tags are read.
  • NFC enablers for social media: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

These elements are to be used in the Leclerc Nice St. Isidore trial:

  • Issuance of VIP loyalty cards to 200 Leclerc customers
  • Provisioning of a “Leclerc Special Offer” management system for personalized offers
  • Linking product inventory to in-store special offers, and coupon redemption at cashier level

Interested visitors to the GSMA Mobile World Congress can see a demonstration of the Morpho/Think&Go NFC solution transcribed to a phone and accessory shop environment at Avenir Telecom’s booth in Hall 2, booth C47.



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