Ingenico technological partner for the first mobile shopping experience in Spain


Image by juanpg via Flickr

Ingenico, leading worldwide provider of payment solutions, announces its successful participation in the first mobile shopping experience in Spain, inSitges, located 35 km from Barcelona. The experience involved over 500 merchants entailing shopping via a mobile phone equipped with NFC technology and lasted six months, starting mid 2010.

The experience was led by La CaixaTelefonica and Visa Europe. Ingenico was a technological partner, supplying all the payment terminals. The so called “Mobile Shopping Sitges 2010” project was the first mobile contactless project in Europe involving such a large number of participants and was highly successful. As a result, the mobile phones and payment terminals are left with the merchants in Sitges indefinitely.

Of the 1.500 participant customers, 90% used the mobile phones for payments, and 80% of the merchants carried out transactions using the deployed system. Transactions valued at up to €20 could be made without a PIN: they accounted for 60% of the purchases. Larger transactions could be carried out provided the customer enters their PIN on the keypad of the merchant’s Ingenico terminal to confirm the purchase.

quoteThe mobile shopping becomes progressively a reality in Spain as other experiences are starting in 2011.” stated Jose Luis Arias, Managing Director Ingenico Spain, “Ingenico is proud to be involved in so many developments across Europe and in all parts of the world. The success of these experiences further demonstrates the relevance of our technology for the benefits of the merchants and the end users”.
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