Precise ParkLink introduces MasterCard PayPass™ technology

Precise ParkLink Inc. have entered into a partnership with MasterCard and Moneris Solutions that will make MasterCard’s PayPass™ tap-and-go technology available to its payment terminals across Canada, including more than 160 parking lots in the Greater Toronto Area.

Peter Groccia, President of Precise ParkLink, welcomes the concept as a way to add speed and efficiency to the operations of his many meters installed across Canada.

“Precise ParkLink continues to provide cutting edge technology to our clients, and ultimately to the parking public.” Groccia said. “We are very happy to partner with progressive organizations like MasterCard, to provide the most secure and reliable payment options available on the market. We will always put technological integrity ahead of all else in our offerings. MasterCard’s PayPass technology provides a simplified payment method, in a proven and secure manner.”

The MasterCard PayPass system will be integrated over a three-year period and the contactless payment technology will be included in existing payment terminals, such as parking lots and street meters.  Tests of the integrated terminals were completed in January, with public integration already underway.

“With its easy tap-and-go technology, MasterCard PayPass provides a faster and more convenient way for Canadians to pay for everyday purchases from parking to gas to their morning coffee,” said David E. Orzel, Head of Market Development, MasterCard Canada.Whether it’s through a PayPass-enabled MasterCard credit card or mobile phone, MasterCard is providing consumers with a better, faster, and quite frankly cooler, payment experience.”

Moneris Solutions is a key partner in the achievement of the integration. Moneris is Canada’s largest provider of payment processing solutions and will be responsible for making the transaction processing available to Precise ParkLink.

“We are excited to see this partnership between MasterCard and our valued merchant, Precise ParkLink, and what it means for consumers in terms of value-added convenience when paying for parking.” said David Ades, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Moneris Solutions.


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