Bucharest follows London with combined travel card and bank card

Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR Romanian Commercial Bank) and Regia Autonoma de Transport Bucuresti (RATB, Bucharest Autonomous Transportation Administration) have launched the BCR Zambet card, allowing validation in transportation means across Bucharest (subway included). The card is a contactless debit card, that has the transport application included.

“After London, Bucharest is the second city in the world to have a card that can be used both as a banking instrument and a means of payment for public transport facilities. It is a payment instrument that makes the life of Bucharesters easier and which puts Bucharest in line with London, Hong Kong and Singapore, among the most modern and innovative cities of the world,” stated Oana Petrescu, BCR vice-president.

“We began our partnership with BCR in 2007, when it was the only bank to answer to the Direction’s solicitation of finding a partner for the identification of various means of recharging the RATB Activ card. In 2009, we created more means of recharging the ACTIV card, at BCR ATMs, on-line, through the e-commerce platform of the bank and through the POS facilities installed in RATB sales centers,” stated Adrian Crit, RATB general manager.

The card automatically draws money from the client’s account, so it does not need to be recharged.

After BCR, BRD will introduce a similar contactless card (MasterCard and Maestro) for the payment of public transport and will also be introduced in Constanta and Sibiu, after its implementation by RATB. Starting in June, BRD will extend the contactless payment solution to all subway station in Bucharest, from the ten locations existent since December last year.

The multifunctional cards may be charged with trips to either one or all the transport lines in Bucharest. These facilities are available together with the regular ones offered by a  standard card.

The contactless technology is available throughout pharmacies, restaurants, for stadium ticket payment and now in public transportation means. Currently BRD has 1,000 contactless card terminals, in locations as Carrefour, Mic.Ro, KFC, Pizza Hut, IKEA or Inmedio.

Source/ Business Review Romania


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