NXP’s NFC Partner Program Debuts in China and Taiwan

NXP Semiconductors have launched the first near field communication (NFC) Partner Program to support mobile phone and consumer device manufacturers wanting to integrate NFC into upcoming designs in China and Taiwan.

Since the co-creation of the NFC standard and the NFC Forum, NXP has been at the forefront of developing this market by bringing all industry partners together. Starting at the heart of the creation of the ISO standards, NXP has continuously contributed to the industry with a distinctive blend of market-making alliances and unrivalled technical excellence.

The mobile transactions market has evolved into a rich ecosystem with very diverse applications demanding a complete portfolio of solutions. NXP’s end-to-end contactless solutions have been architected towards such an objective and offer the widest portfolio across all categories: from smart tags, smart cards and smart readers to NFC radios and secure elements; from transport solutions to secure payment solutions; from eGovernment and authentication solutions to access management; and many more.

 NXP’s NFC Partner Program is designed to provide the most complete support to all manufacturers wishing to incorporate NFC technology in their products. It will ensure the fastest time to market and lowest cost of ownership when adopting market leading RF and secure element solutions such as MIFARETM, ICODE, SmartMX, MFRC Reader and NFC chips. Additionally, this program brings a platform for a vast network of third party partners – system integrators, software developers, service providers, tool and system test laboratories, training institutes, distributors and many others – to bring their services to market. Working with NXP’s Certified Partners, OEMs and ODMs will be able to access fully-qualified design-in support across system, hardware, software and applications; ensuring interoperability, low risk and optimum performance.

With an initial focus on Android, where NXP’s NFC technology has been incorporated in Gingerbread and is at the heart of the Nexus S and Google Wallet, the Partner Program will cover a broad range of applications from smartphones to feature phones, tablets, laptops, consumer electronic devices and accessories.

 “China and Taiwan are a hot bed for consumer technology innovation; NXP’s new Partner Program will drive NFC adoption in new devices created here across multiple categories,” said Henri Ardevol, vice president and general manager, mobile transactions, NXP Semiconductors. “We expect China and Taiwan to lead in the global deployment of NFC and we are committed to supporting innovation in this region.”

For further information, interested customers or new partners of the NFC Partner Program, please contact NFCPartner@nxp.com.

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