Ambiq Technology and The VimpelCom Group Partner to Bring Latest NFC Technology to the St. Petersburg Transportation System

St.Petersburg Metro station Kirovsky Zavod

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Ambiq Technology and The VimpelCom Group have announced a partnership which will allow St. Petersburg Metro riders the ability to use their mobile phones to purchase tickets and ride public transportation. The phones utilize a highly secure Near Field Communication (NFC) module, designed and manufactured by Ambiq.

These devices can be installed in existing mobile phones and work with the current Metro turnstiles, ground transport readers and ticket management system. The benefits of this solution include: significant paperwork reduction and improved efficiency for the city, as well as ease of use, and complete security for passengers.

“We appreciate the opportunity to participate in this project with Ambiq and the St. Petersburg Transportation Authority, and look forward to a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation,” said Elena Shmatova, Executive Director of VimpelCom. “This innovative project will allow customers of Beeline with new opportunities and advancements through NFC technology.” 

Along with the Metro pilot, Ambiq is partnering with Beeline to showcase some of its latest NFC technology at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, taking place June 16-18. Within Beeline’s exhibit, Ambiq will be demonstrating the benefits of NFC-enabled smart-posters, secure mobile identification and NFC payment systems.

“We are honored to be chosen as the NFC technology partner for Beeline, one of the largest and most recognized telecommunication providers in the world. Our partnership will lead to the availability and adoption of NFC, starting with the City of St. Petersburg and expanding to other parts of Russia and Europe,” said Misha Rozenberg, Ambiq’s CEO. 

The Beeline partnership and transportation system deployment is the first step in implementing Ambiq’s unified services platform, Secure-Z™. The two companies have a longer term strategy of enabling a mobile payment infrastructure in St. Petersburg, which will eventually include other services, such as utility payments, mobile banking, and retail payments utilizing Ambiq’s hardware, as well as embedded NFC technology available in select phones starting this year.


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