Connecthings opens NFC Tagstore in multiple languages and for as little as 4 EURO per tag

Simple, intuitive and interactive, contactless technologies offer a wide range of services via short distance communication between your NFC cell phone and smart labels called “tags”. And so a company called Connecthings is the latest in a line of companies to open their own NFC tag store.

The website, already available for international customer, now has a Spanish version. The web site, according to Connecthings, allows everybody to place an order for personalized tags, from its design (picture upload and retouching) to its content (URL, phone number and short messages, vCard, blog address, Twitter account…) and to receive this physical and ready-to-use tags at home. You can imagine creating a tag with your picture and your vcard directly embedded in the NFC memory chip. From then on, the person who received this tag only has to approach the tag with an NFC-enabled cell phone to call you or record the number in his directory. Moreover, small amount of tags can be ordered, allowing professionals to strictly control their needs and optimize their stocks.

A tag is a smart chip label with embedded information which enables an interaction with NFC- enabled mobile phones in order to activate features like initiate phone calls or open a new web site in the browser. “Already used and approved as transportation or payment solutions, these tags offer a wide range of possibilities like gaining loyalty points at participating stores or restaurants, interacting with street furniture to access information about touristic locations, accessing information at bus stops… NFC tags allow to create new interaction with the physical world in a very simple way“ said Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, Connecthings’ CEO. 

“Used to communicate your phone number to your friends, to show your tribe’s ownership, as humorous wink, reminder, help or service, web site provides an easy, economic and creative way to keep in touch with your community”, says the release from Connecthings.

The company believes that everybody can appropriate this new technology according to his needs and desires, considered as the missing link between wireless telephony, social networks and the “Interactive City”.

More importantly though, is that the customized tags are available on adhesives layers or designed to be placed on different kinds of metal from 4€, all tax included. 

Connecthings’ AdTag unified platform designed to manage 2D Codes and NFC tags, enabling a full follow-up, service personalization and statistic access, acts as the foundation of the web site. The unified platform has been deployed for several major projects including Nice NFC project in May 2010.


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