Gemalto TSM selected for Singapore’s nation-wide NFC roll-out

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, has announced its selection by IDA as the trusted third party to deploy mobile NFC contactless services across Singapore. 

Gemalto will develop and operate its Trusted Services Manager (TSM) solution to securely deploy and manage mobile NFC services such as payment, ticketing, loyalty and other wireless services like the smart poster which allows consumers to interact with advertisements.   With Singapore’s three mobile operators all connected to this interoperable NFC infrastructure, banks, payment and service providers will be able to deploy innovative mobile NFC services to all mobile subscribers. This open yet secure platform will also encourage widespread participation by businesses and service providers from wide-ranging industries to join the ecosystem to offer more consumer services, including mobile coupons, mobile tickets and product information.   The complete TSM operation will take place in a secure environment in Singapore, whereby end users’ data is provisioned confidentially over the air to their devices.    “Gemalto is delighted to lead this landmark project. We believe that businesses will benefit from new revenue streams while consumers enjoy a greater array of new services – faster, safer and more conveniently,” said Tan Teck Lee, President of Gemalto Asia. 

The TTP infrastructure will enable prospective service providers to reach out to all mobile subscribers in Singapore. Such ubiquitous access will spur the growth and adoption of innovative NFC mobile services, and in turn transform Singapore’s payment landscape. The CFC award today is an important milestone in the development of the NFC ecosystem that will enable the deployment of payment as well as other services.” said RADM (NS) Ronnie Tay, Chief Executive Officer of IDA.   The project is expected to launch commercially to consumers from middle of 2012.


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