NXP and Bank Mega enhance customer experience for in-door theme parks

NXP Semiconductors and Bank Mega are collaborating to bring an innovative contactless ticketing solution to Trans Studios Makassar and Bandung, two of the world’s largest in-door theme parks. This contactless smart card enables visitors to securely access the theme parks’ facilities as well as make convenient micropayments at retail locations and public services possible.

The deployment is one of the largest contactless, multi-application card schemes in Indonesia. The MIFARE DESFire EV1 microcontroller-based technology, which is conventionally used in transport projects, will allow visitors to enjoy the theme park and all of its attractions without using cash or tickets. Visitors can also use the same card for shopping and payment of road toll and car park fees.

Bank Mega chose to incorporate NXP’s proven contactless smartcard technology into the system, accomplishing a high-performance and cost-effective solution that meets the needs of the park operator as well as merchants. The card functions as an Electronic Purse, an access management key and a customer program tracker. It improves the visitor`s stay in the Trans Studios by making their transactions faster and more secure, with reduced chances of fraud and human error. The contactless card system also provides Bank Mega and park operators with valuable insights on customers` preference and spending habits. The analysis of this data will allow them to plan and effectively deploy more customer oriented programs in the future.

Henri Ardevol, vice president and general manager, secure transactions, NXP Semiconductors said, “The rich solution developed with Bank Mega proves the full potential of NXP`s multi-application smart card ICs. Modern contactless solutions such as these ensure uncompromised convenience, performance and security for applications like transport, access or micropayment.”

Mr. Kostaman Thayib, Director of Retail Banking from Bank Mega commented “Trans Studio Makassar, along with Trans Studio Bandung, is the first of many similar theme parks that are planned to be opened in Indonesia over the next few years. With the help of NXP’s advanced MIFARE DESFire EV1 technology platform, we combine high technology with amazing convenience features, making the entire experience more fun and memorable for visitors.”

Bank Mega is currently considering launching the contactless card system on a larger scale in other theme parks across Indonesia, utilizing the MIFARE DESFire EV1 as the common platform card.


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