Transport Ticketing 2012 – 6 themes shaping an industry

12 billion people across Europe use public transport, demonstrating the sheer size the transport industry has to cater to. Transport operators, and increasingly government bodies, are working to ensure that these passengers travel to and from their destination as fast, cost-effectively and effortlessly as possible.

Transport operators and PTEs from across Europe are looking for ticketing solution providers, including system integrators, chip manufacturers, terminal and card manufacturers to help them provide an efficient, sustainable and user-friendly ticketing service in this competitive landscape.

Transport Ticketing 2012 will be held on the 24-26th January 2012 in London. For the fourth consecutive year the event will bring together over 300 of the industry’s top decision makers in one place.

Over the last year the organizers have worked with more than 50 companies to define the main themes shaping the transport ticketing industry. The organizers have established 6 key themes, which they felt the sector was tackling and structured their conference programme around these to optimize discussion and movement on these issues.

The themes defined are:

  • The development of smart cards across Europe
  • The future of open-loop, EMV payment systems
  • Building an interoperable ticketing system across Europe
  • Mobile handsets as the next platform for transport ticketing
  • Putting the passenger at the heart of your ticketing programme
  • Utilizing your data and maximizing your ticketing security

Brand new this year to Transport Ticketing 2012 is the System Integrator Roundtable Discussions. This is a chance to join senior representatives from the most prominent System Integrators across Europe as they lead discussions on the topics and debates shaping the industry. As System Integrators hold a central role in driving innovation forward in the transport ticketing and fare collection field, the roundtable discussions are your opportunity to question their future plans, understand how you can strengthen your partnership with them and discuss the industry with the pioneers leading it.

You can find further details about this conference at


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