Reims Metropolis public transport network goes contactless

CITURA, the multimodal Bus-Tram-Parking transportation network of Reims greater area, launched its new contactless ticketing system with C.ticket®, ASK contactless paper ticket and LoGO, ASK desktop reader, when the brand new tram was inaugurated.

In 2010, Reims greater area transportation network changed name and visual identity. It was an ambitious project focused on sustainable development and driven by a beautiful artwork holding the colors of the new buses and Trams of Reims greater area. Innovation goes beyond the new transportation modes and its outstanding graphical chart since it also involves the ticketing system of the greater area switching to contactless technology.

To upgrade its services offer, Reims Metropolis transportation network decided to include the contactless reader LoGO in its portfolio and enable subscribers to reload their “GRAND R” contactless smart card on internet at home, at the office…User-friendly with its USB connection and compact with an attractive design, LoGO can be included in any environment, at home or at institutions who signed a distribution agreement with CITURA network. So far, the transport operator signed an agreement with schools, the 6 City Hall of the greater area or the CCAS (Social Activities Association) to increase the number of reloading points for CITURA network customers.

To replace former paper tickets and go “full contactless”, Transdev Reims now offers C.ticket®, ASK contactless paper ticket, to address occasional users. With this new transport medium, CITURA targets tourists travelling around the Champagne region.

“Launching our new transportation network and particularly the tram is part of our sustainable development global policy, says Mr. Eric Omnes, Sales and Marketing Director at CITURA network.  The contactless paper ticket is a 100% recyclable transport medium thanks to ASK technology. This allowed us to implement a system to recycle tickets. We dispatched dedicated boxes for end users to throw away used tickets at each tram station and at the main Bus-Tram stations. We are the only ones in France to offer this service, he adds.”

Contactless paper tickets can be purchased directly in the buses and at the automatic vending machines at the tram stations. They can be reloaded 4 times with the same transportation fare.

ASK, with a global offer of contactless paper tickets and readers, participates to the sustainable mobility of Reims metropolis and facilitates the daily commute of citizens and visitors.


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