First Data Enables Contactless Payments at Parking Meters in Krakow

First Data Corporation, a global leader in electronic commerce and payment processing, the Krakow Transportation and Infrastructure Authority and City Parking Group, have announced the introduction of parking meters equipped with contactless payments functionality in the city of Krakow – the first contactless-enabled parking meters to be installed in Poland.

Lack of spare change for parking meters can now be a concern of the past for drivers in Krakow, Poland. The first parking meters bringing contactless payments to Krakow’s historic district of Kazimierz came into operation in March. The parking meters accept contactless payments worth up to PLN 50 (approximately US$15). It is also possible to pay by cash.

The implementation of this state-of-the-art payment solution is considered to be one of the first within Europe and is expected to have a positive impact on the contactless payments industry in Poland.

“The city of Krakow’s Transportation and Infrastructure Authority, which manages the parking facilities in the city, is keen to add new ways to pay for parking. That is why the system implemented by First Data in Poland is a positive step,” reflects Piotr Hamarnik, representative of the Transportation and Infrastructure Authority. “We hope that the new solution will be successful in bringing contactless payments to all parking meters in our city”.

“We are very satisfied with our first project together. It will help increase the popularity of contactless payments for parking facilities, where time, convenience and the security of services provided are among users’ top priorities,” said Janusz Diemko, managing director of First Data in Poland. First Data and the city of Krakow plan to install 116 new, contactless-enabled parking meters in the streets of the city.

“Bringing contactless payments to parking meters in Krakow is a prestigious project for our company and, also, the city’s authorities. This is the first implementation of its kind in Poland and we are extremely happy with it,” said Karol Awtuch, director at City Parking Group, which also worked on the project. “Drivers who choose to use a contactless payment card will no longer have to carry change. We believe the meters will prove popular with Krakow’s drivers.”


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