Wireless Festival 2012; music, beer, and contactless payments

Barclaycard Wireless Festival 2012 is to be the first music event in the UK to be fully contactless enabled, giving music lovers the ability to enjoy the experience without having to carry cash.

All vendors at the festival will accept contactless payments, allowing customers to spend less time queuing and more time listening to music. All forms of contactless will be accepted at the event including Barclaycard PayBand, a specially designed wristband that allows festival-goers to pay for goods quickly and easily using contactless technology.

Tom Gregory, Head of Digital Payments at Barclaycard said: “We are immensely proud to be the first to go completely contactless and offer the choice of a cashless experience at London’s largest music festival. We’re really excited by the possibilities Barclaycard PayBand offers as a wearable, secure and easy way to pay when you’re out and about at the festival. Alongside QuickTap and Barclaycard PayTag, we’re exploring the versatility that contactless offers as an alternative to cash.”

Festival-goers can pay for goods and services at the event by simply placing any contactless card, Barclaycard PayTag or Barclaycard PayBand on a reader, without needing to enter a PIN or sign their name. This year’s attendees will be among the first to be able to make contactless payments at the new higher limit of £20, as the limit for contactless transactions increases in June from the current limit of £15. Cards from other banks, as well as cash, will be freely accepted at Barclaycard Wireless Festival 2012.

The lucky festival-goers that receive a Barclaycard PayBand will be able to take advantage of a host of enhanced experiences through exclusive ‘Barclaycard Unwind’ privileges. These include fast track entry, goody packs, the chance to win back stage tours, VIP upgrades and entry to the Barclaycard Unwind perk park with luxury loos and a photo-booth that can instantly upload their photos to Facebook.

Users will be able to top up their Barclaycard PayBand online before the festival, or on site using any Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. In addition, help points will be positioned throughout the park to top up at any time or check balances. Once the wristbands are topped up they can be used to pay for everything at the festival, from drinks to t-shirts, as well as to gain access to VIP areas.

Barclaycard PayBands are available to apply for prior to the event, which takes place between 6th – 8th July, at www.barclaycardpayband.com. Numbers are limited and festival-goers are advised to apply early to receive their pre-festival packs, a £5 incentive for auto-top ups and most importantly, eligibility for onsite benefits. Registration and top-up facilities will also be available at the festival.

Help points and roaming Barclaycard staff will be on hand to help with top ups and to report lost or stolen PayBands. Those paying with PayBand will benefit from the 100% fraud refund guarantee associated with all Barclaycard products. PayBands will be live only for the festival period and will be deactivated after the festival. Any remaining money on the PayBands will be refunded to the original card shortly after the festival.

To register for a Barclaycard PayBand for use at Barclaycard Wireless Festival 2012 or for further information please go to: www.barclaycardpayband.com


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