Connecthings’s amazing 4 wins at 2012 Living Labs Global Awards

Since 2009, the Living Labs Global Award has worked together with cities in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas to present major societal challenges affecting more than 125 million people. In response, more than 800 solution providers have in the past two editions responded with often ground-breakingtechnologies, ready to meet those challenges.

Winners of the Living Labs Global Award are invited to implement a pilot of their solution to evaluate impact, provide input into product development, and improve procurement or regulatory decisions by cities later on. This has transformed the way waste management is planned in Barcelona, the way venture capital is provided to social entrepreneurs in Cape Town, or community healthcare is delivered in New Taipei City.

Living Labs Global conducted a selection process in which dialogues where held with more than 250 global cities. As a result, 21 cities with more than 90 million citizens have joined the Living Labs Global Award 2012 with a commitment to;

  • a) present a real challenge,
  • b) to adhere to the accountable and transparent jury process,
  • c) to invite the winning solution provider to pilot their solution in the city, and
  • d) join the Award Ceremony and Summit to be held in Rio de Janeiro in May 2012.

More than 700 innovative worldwide companies had in the first place submitted a solution, but in the end, each city had to selected only one project. This is impressive for any company to win one of these awards but what what Connecthings did was truly remarkable. Four major cities have selected Connecthings to deploy mobile contactless services within their territory.

  • Barcelona, World Mobile Capital 2012-2018, will deploy contactless services for improving citizens and worldwide visitors’ global digital experience within the city.
  • Hamburg, 2nd largest port in Europe, will offer NFC services for encouraging the 270,000 cruise passengers to spend more time in exploring the city.
  • Rio de Janeiro will set up a service in favour of disadvantaged local communities, in parallel with the implementation of the “Knowledge Square”, where urban, technological and social reforms become one for enhancing digital inclusion.
  • Derry-Londonderry, City of Culture 2013, will offer NFC services for improving and varying the global experience within the city, and promoting the cultural and touristic heritage to visitors and locals.

Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, CEO of Connecthings, is very pleased about “these prestigious rewards: this demonstrates that the innovative solutions set up by Connecthings provide relevant responses to the cities’ specific challenges, and I’m glad to put our expertise at the service of 4 countries, as it goes in line with our ambitions for international development.”

Contactless Intelligence would like to congratulate Connecthings on an amazing win! Further details about the awards can be found at


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