OSPT Alliance opens resource centre for CIPURSE developers

The Open Standard for Public Transport (OSPT(tm)) Alliance today announced that guidelines and testing process information are now available at the organization’s website, OSPTalliance.org. The CIPURSE(tm) Certification Program is designed to confer conformance type approval on products that comply with CIPURSE specifications. Members of the OSPT Alliance desiring to take their CIPURSE-based transit fare collection solutions to market can learn more about the certification process and download the program documentation.

“Our website is the first stop for member developers who want to accelerate time to market for their CIPURSE-based solutions,” said Laurent Cremer, executive director for the OSPT Alliance. “The OSPT Alliance has teamed with KEOLABS to perform certification testing and help ensure that new products fulfill the promise of a truly interoperable open standard for transit. “

Members of the OSPT Alliance can seek certification for end-user contactless devices, packaged devices, embedded integrated circuits, or applets. The process for ascertaining compliance with the CIPURSE specification is evaluated according to the OSPT Alliance Test Plan, which is managed by KEOLABS, a global provider of test and development solutions for the microelectronics industry.  KEOLABS is the result of the recent merger of Soliatis and Raisonance, both expert suppliers of smart card validation and solutions. By combining their complementary hardware, software and certification expertise, KEOLABS is able to provide a unique end-to-end offer for prototyping, validating, and certifying smart cards and related technologies in ticketing, payment and identity applications.

“Development organizations need the right test solutions and services to ensure their products reach markets ahead of their competitors,” said Stéphane Jobard, solutions and certification director for KEOLABS“As the OSPT Alliance’s choice of testing labs, our expert teams are committed to helping the Alliance fulfill its mission to help the transit industry move toward next-generation, secure, cost-effective fare collection solutions.”

The OSPT Alliance offers the CIPURSE open security standard to address transit authorities’ need for future-proof fare collection systems with advanced security. As an open standard, CIPURSE promotes vendor neutrality and cross-vendor system interoperability with reduced technology adoption risks, higher quality and improved market responsiveness-all of which can result in lower operating costs and greater flexibility for transport system operators. CIPURSE also offers a global basis for rapidly migrating transit fare systems to NFC-enabled mobile phones and other devices, and the standard supports the adoption of NFC transit applications for a truly future-proof solution. To download the certification program documentation, visit http://osptalliance.org/


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