Eat and run in London, without waiting for the bill…


Perhaps not necessarily a completely contactless payment technology, but nonetheless, an interesting take of being able to move around a city while being cashless. In this case it’s London and affects payments in bars, pubs and restaurants. Payments services provider, DataCash, a MasterCard company, has announced that it is processing payments for MyCheck, whose app is due to be launched in London on 15th January, that the company says will provide an alternative way to pay without the need for credit cards and cash in the aforementioned eating and drinking establishments.

Initially launched in Tel Aviv, where it has been adopted by over 80% of the city’s leading bars, pubs, restaurants, MyCheck is a a free, working mobile phone application that allows people to check themselves out of a restaurant, pub or bar without having to wait for the bill. The application is completely integrated with restaurant / bar point-of-sale systems and that removes the need for an embedded chip in smartphones to make payments. You can find out more by visiting their site

The service allows customers to download the MyCheck app for participating venues they visit. A pre-authorisation validates the customer’s payment details and in return a 4 digit payment authorisation code is then entered by the waiter or barman into their electronic point-of-sale system, which opens a tab for the customer. The customer retains full control of their purchase adding items to the tab as they please and closing the tab via self check-out. The transaction is completed using the generated pre-authorisation code where funds are transferred and settled.

MyCheck say they chose to partner with DataCash for its robust and reliable payment gateway and to leverage its experience in delivering bespoke payment solutions. Customers using the MyCheck app will benefit from a highly convenient, efficient and secure payment experience.The service also allows participating partners to not only benefit from a faster table turnover, but also better understand their customers and improved quality of service, through integration with existing loyalty programs to increase efficiencies and help grow membership. Clients can request the bill and receipt is sent via email, hence providing an eco-friendly service, reducing till roll use and time.

“We are excited to be working with MyCheck to help it provide another valuable service to the hospitality industry,” said Ajay Bhalla, President at DataCash. “By using DataCash’s solutions, MyCheck can ensure that when the customer comes to pay the process is completed quickly, efficiently and securely which in turn will provide more efficient services for all parties involved”. Off the back of the success in Israel, and pilot in New York City, we’re eagerly awaiting the product’s launch in London’s bars and restaurants.”  


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