DOUGLAS Group gets a strong ‘whiff’ of mobile payments


Later this  Spring 2013 there is to be the unmistakable smell of contactless payments sweeping through German retail stores, says Visa Europe (EDITOR: and we’ll also stop with the perfumery puns!). Germany’s DOUGLAS Group will accept contactless and mobile payment in all chain stores in Germany. 

After a test run in December, the changeover of the terminals will start in January 2013 and will be completed by the end of Q1 2013. Customers will be able to pay with their Visa card or smartphone at all 3,500 terminals at the stores of the DOUGLAS Group. This also applies to contactless payments via V PAY. The new payment option will be available in stores of the Douglas perfumery, Thalia bookshops, Christ juwellery stores, AppelrathCüpper fashion boutiques and Hussel confectionery shops.

“We find it correct and favourable that more and more German banks decide to issue Visa cards with NFC technology. We know from experience that our clients appreciate the comfortable and useful payment via contactless technology. Therefore it seems natural for us to quickly establish the acceptance of NFC-enabled Visa cards in our German chain stores”, says Olaf Schrage, Director of the Douglas Informatik & Service GmbH.

The maximum amount per transaction has increased slightly. It is now €25 rather than the previous amount of €20 that customers are allowed to pay via contactless card or mobile without entering a PIN or providing a signature.

“With a transaction speed of less than a second, contactless is the fastest card payment method that makes shopping even more comfortable. Contactless and mobile payment with Visa in the chain stores of the DOUGLAS Group is a huge step forward for the acceptance of this new technology. We are convinced that many customers will make use of this new service and benefit from it”, says Ottmar Bloching, General Manager of Visa Europe in Germany.


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