Citi to start issuing contactless payment stickers for new credit cards in the Czech Republic


From next month (Feb 2013), Citibank Europe plc will issue – automatically and free of charge – a contactless payment sticker with each new Citi Life, Citi Life Metropole, Citi Broker Consulting, Citi BILLA and Citi CSA credit card for customers in the Czech Republic

Citi says it is a pioneer of new technologies in the Czech Republic and that it has been at the forefront of a number of contactless payment innovations in recent years. Citi was the first to introduce a contactless card in the Czech Republic; it made the first contactless payment transaction; it was the first to begin to issue contactless payment stickers; it participated in a pilot project for NFC contactless mobile payments; and in September 2012, it was the first bank in the Czech Republic to introduce the first multifunctional credit card of its kind that combines the advantages of a credit card and the regional public transport card, Opuscard. And now Citibank will become the only bank in the Czech Republic to begin to automatically issue its new clients with contactless payment stickers for credit cards.

“Citibank wants to provide its clients with state-of-the-art technologies that will make shopping easier for them. Therefore it will begin to issue free contactless payment stickers with most new Citi credit cards. Current holders of Citi credit cards may also request to receive a free sticker,” said Milan Reznícek, Citibank credit card product manager. He added, “Payments using contactless stickers are faster, more convenient and are secure as well. They can be used at any of the rapidly increasing contactless payment terminals available in the Czech Republic.”

This service is provided with new Citi Life, Citi Life Metropole, Citi Broker Consulting, Citi BILLA and Citi CSA credit cards issued in cooperation with MasterCard. In the near future, contactless stickers will also be automatically provided with the O2 Citi credit cards that are issued in cooperation with VISA.

The sticker can be placed in any location such as back of a cell phone or on a key fob. Current holders of Citi credit cards may apply for a free contactless payment sticker by calling the toll-free CitiPhone customer line or by visiting a Citibank branch. Should a contactless payment sticker be provided to a client who does not want to use it, the client does not need to activate the sticker and can just destroy it. Stickers that are sent by mail are inactive and cannot be used for payments without activation.


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