T-Mobile say Czech customers have embraced m-payments


T-Mobile are reporting that their customers in the Czech republic are starting to embrace the use of their mobiles as a payment tool. Last year, reports T-Mobile, for the first time ever customers in the Czech Republic spent more than a billion Czech crowns using this payment method. 

In 2012, customers of the magenta operator made payments in the total amount of CZK 1.017 billion using their mobile phones. The group of mobile payments includes Premium SMS and SMS payment (including the very popular SMS public transport tickets), audiotex and m-payment services as well as Donor SMS. The largest volume of transactions out of the total volume of transactions made via payment gateways of mobile operators was rendered via T-Mobile’s m-payment service – a full 71%.

“Recently, we have seen increased interest of both customers and vendors in using the m-payment service. A year-on-year increase of 111% is a very nice figure indeed,” says Milan Haba, Vice President Category & Product Management at T-Mobile, adding, “People particularly appreciate the convenience offered by payments for purchases via mobile telephones. We believe that in the near future we will be able to further extend the payment options, for example using NFC technology.”

T-Mobile introduced the m-payment service as early as in 1999 at the Invex trade show and became one of the first operators in the world to put it into commercial use. The service allows customers to pay for goods and services conveniently on-line, either using the web browser in their mobile telephones or via computer.

T-Mobile say it has responded to the growing popularity of payments via mobile telephones not only by expanding its current services but also by developing and implementing new solutions. This year, the operator plans to launch NFC payments. The company say that they will issue a special T-Mobile SIM card and then, with a NFC-enabled handset, customers will be able to make a mobile payments. Interestingly, T-Mobile also say that they expect customers to use these NFC enabled handsets identify themselves upon entering a building or a cultural (or sports) event. This may be one of the few times that a service provider is  pushing the benefit of using NFC enabled mobiles as a form of identity or access control in the same breath as payment. This may be something to watch more closely!

For more information about T-Mobile’s mobile payment services, please visit www.platmobilem.cz.


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