The French cities of Aubagne and Etoile launched a six-month public transport ticketing pilot in 2007 known as TreiZEN.

Around 150 commuters were given a Nokia NFC phone which they could use for transit ticketing on the Aubagne-Marseilles bus shuttle route as well as the Aubagne travel  network. Scheme suppliers included Venyon (NFC OTA service provider), ERG Transit Systems (ticketing) and Crandy (integrated mobile payment system). As well as the two cities, other partners in the trial included the General Council of the Bouches-du-Rhône and Veolia Transport. The service could be used on any cell phone network in France.

Category Number Score
Point of sale terminals/readers deployed 0 0
Different types of contactless device 1 3
Number of contactless devices 101-500 20
Number of applications 1 1
Total number of service providers involved 7 7
Number of banks in partnership 0 0
Number of operators in partnership 3 3
Number of merchant locations 0 0
Transit operators in scheme 1 1
Parking sector 0 0
Vending 0 0
Entertainment sector – football, leisure, congress etc 0 0
Public sector activities – libraries, schools etc 0 0
Smart poster environments in place 0 0
Marketing campaigns rolled out 1 1
Length of time project implemented 2-6 months 2
ROI – future potential 1 1
Green credentials 30 2
Social equality 0 0
Total 41


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