Justly famed for the quality of its red wines, the south-western French city of Bordeaux is also gaining a reputation for contactless deployment.

In 2005, the Conseil General De La Gironde in the Bordeaux region launched a transit fare payment system compatible with all transport in the region using card technology from ERG. This built on an earlier contactless transport system in the city of Bordeaux itself.

Public transport was also the focus of a seven-month 2008 trial by France Telecom-Orange and Veolia Transport involving around 20 employees of the two firms. Participants were given a Sagem my700X handset to purchase and reload tickets and passes over the air that they could use for travel on trams and buses in the city.

Although progress in Bordeaux has been slower than some had anticipated a couple of years ago, its enthusiasm for the technology is growing. This year France’s Minister of Industry confirmed his support for the country’s NFC Cities initiatives in up to five cities over the next 12 months. Funding and indirect support could be given to locations interested in being part of the next wave of NFC deployments, and although nothing has been finalised, Bordeaux has been tipped as a possible contender.


Number Score
Point of sale terminals/readers deployed 1-10


Different types of contactless device

2 3
Number of contactless devices 1001-5000


Number of applications

1 1
Total number of service providers involved 5


Number of banks in partnership

0 0

Number of operators in partnership

1 1

Number of merchant locations



Transit operators in scheme

1 1
Parking sector 0



0 0
Entertainment sector – football, leisure, congress etc 0


Public sector activities – libraries, schools etc

0 0
Smart poster environments in place 0


Marketing campaigns rolled out

2 2
Length of time project implemented 25 months +


ROI – future potential

2 2
Green credentials 1000


Social equality

0 0




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