The French city of Marseille has gone fully contactless for it’s public transit system. Contactless cards will be used on all transportation services and are designed to be interoperable with the other regional networks such as the County Council and French National Railways. For single tickets, contactless paper tickets will be issued.

Categories Description Numbers Score
Point of Sales Terminals/Readers deployed In vending machines, in the metro, tramway and RTM (Réseau des Transports Marseillais) POS No exact numbers published 5
Different types of contactless devices Contactless cards and contactless paper ticket 2 3
Number of contactless devices 1 Mio + 50
Number of applications Transport 1 1
Total number of partners involved 7 7
Number of Banks in Partnership
Number of Operators in Partnership
No. of merchant locations acquired
Transit Operators in scheme Network RTM; network Côte bleue; network smiteeb; network Frioul; network Les Cigales; network Marcoulines; network Ciotabus 7 7
Parking sector 0 0
Vending 0 0
Entertainment sector – Football, Leisure, Congress etc. 0 0
Public sector activities – libraries, schools etc. 0 0
Smart Poster Environments in place 0 0
Staff Training Programmes in place 0 0
Ad Campaigns rolled out TV Campaign 1 1
Level of Consumer Education
Length of time project implemented
ROI – future potential
Green Credentials 20% of devices 200K 6

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