Country Criteria 2011-2012

The criteria for the Contactless and NFC Country League are chosen carefully to give a balanced view of the status of each country entry. The scoring is based ONLY on the last twelve months to represent the  2011-2012 season. For this reason, any major pilots or rollouts prior to this season have been ignored.

Due to the nature of the vast scope of the Country League, we apologise for making the criteria a little more basic than last year. It was done to give the judges a more concrete format to work from and allowed gathering of the numbers and information required to be a little easier.

The scoring scenario is based on 6 factors describing the scope of the projects implemented in each country.

Categories Point Scoring Scenario
Point of sale
terminals/readers deployed
* 1-10K=1; 11K-50K=2; 51K-100K=3; 101K-150K=4; 151K-200K=5; 201K-500K=6; 501K+=7
Different types of
contactless devices
* multiply by
a factor of 1 for cards; factor of 2 for NFC stickers/dongles/MicroSD cards/NFC handsets; factor of 3 for SWP SIM based NFC handsets
Number of
contactless devices
* 1-50K=5; 51K-100K=10; 101K-500K=20; 501K-1000K=30; 1001K-5000K=40; 5001K+=50
Number of
* number of applications
Total number of Mobile Operators active in Contactless * number of partners
Country Level Commitment * initiatives taken place on a national basis to push contactless technology adoption. Times score by a factor of 1.5 for banks, credit card companies, Telcos etc. Times by a factor of 2.0 for support by Govt and Public Sector.
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