City Criteria 2010-2011

The criteria for the Contactless and NFC City League are chosen carefully to give a balanced view of the status of each league entry. The scoring scenario is based on 17 factors describing the scope of the projects implemented in each city. Additionally, we have added two special categories: A Green Credentials criteria to reflect the on going consideration to reduce the carbon footprint through the use of contactless and NFC technology as well as a criteria for social equality /inclusion.

Categories Point Scoring Scenario
Point of sale
terminals/readers deployed
* 1-10=1; 11-50=2; 51-100=3; 101-150=4; 151-200=5; 201-500=6;
Different types of
contactless devices
* multiply by
a factor of 1 for cards; factor of 2 for NFC stickers/dongles/MicroSD cards/NFC handsets; factor of 3 for SWP SIM based NFC handsets
Number of
contactless devices
* 1-50=5; 51-100=10; 101-500=20;
501-1000=30; 1001-5000=40; 5001+=50
Number of
* number of applications
Total number of service providers involved * number of partners
Number of banks
in partnership
* number of banks
Number of operators
in partnership
* number of mobile operators
Number of
merchant locations
* 1-10=1; 11-50=2; 51-100=3; 101-150=4; 151-200=5;
201-500=6; 501+=7
Transit operators in scheme * number of transit operators
Parking sector * number of parking schemes
Vending * number of vending schemes
Entertainment sector –
Football, Leisure,
Congress etc.
* number of entertainment venues
Public sector activities – libraries, schools etc. * number of local authority activities
Smart poster environments
in place
* number of smart posters
Marketing campaigns
rolled out
* number of marketing campaigns
Length of time project implemented * up to 1 month=1; 2-6 months=2;
7-12 months=3; 13-24 months=4;
25 months+=5
ROI – future potential * number of contactless /NFC projects planned
Green credentials * 20% of number  of devices:
Social equality Number of projects targeted at social equality/inclusion
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