The Austrian city of Hagenberg is playing a pivotal role in the development of contactless technologies. Not only has it hosted several NFC Forum events, where some of the best brains in the business  gather to compare ideas and report on progress,  it is also home  to the University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria and the home to the NFC Research Lab.

In 2006, it was the venue for a nine-month payment, P2P information exchange, loyalty and access control trial involving Austrian operator mobilkom. Around 100 students and staff at the university were given a Samsung SGH-X700n handset so they could test the technology on the campus.

Category Number Score
Point of sale terminals/readers deployed 11-50 2
Different types of contactless device 1 3
Number of contactless devices 51-100 10
Number of applications 1 1
Total number of service providers involved 3 3
Number of banks in partnership 0 0
Number of operators in partnership 1 1
Number of merchant locations 1-10 1
Transit operators in scheme 0 0
Parking sector 0 0
Vending 0 0
Entertainment sector – football, leisure, congress etc 0 0
Public sector activities – libraries, schools etc 1 1
Smart poster environments in place 0 0
Marketing campaigns rolled out 1 1
Length of time project implemented 7-12 months 3
ROI – future potential 1 1
Green credentials 11-50 2
Social equality 1 1
Total 30

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