As the home of Nokia – one of the first big names to enter the NFC fray – it’s perhaps surprising that contactless hasn’t had a bigger impact in the Finnish capital Helsinki so far. However, the appetite is there, as trials in the city have proven.

Back in 2006, a workforce management programme involving around 100 employees of airport ground handling services provider Northport was rolled out. Nokia 5140i handsets were issued to staff, who could use them to clock on at work and tap tags in the airport after they had completed tasks. This gave Northport continual information on the exact location of all its employees, so it could improve how it assigned jobs.

Another pilot began in 2009, when an estimated 40 employees of payments provider Luottokunta, food services firm Sodexo, Visa Europe and NFC trusted services manager Venyon took part in a six-month NFC trial. Each participant was issued a Nokia 6212 NFC handset to make payments at merchants in Helsinki and at Luottokunta’s offices. Transactions of less than 20 euros were made as simple tap and go payments, while user authentication was required for higher sums.

Category Number Score
Point of sale terminals/readers deployed 11-50 2
Different types of contactless device 1 3
Number of contactless devices 101-500 20
Number of applications 2 2
Total number of service providers involved 7 7
Number of banks in partnership 0 0
Number of operators in partnership 0 0
Number of merchant locations 1-10 1
Transit operators in scheme 0 0
Parking sector 0 0
Vending 0 0
Entertainment sector – football, leisure, congress etc 0 0
Public sector activities – libraries, schools etc 0 0
Smart poster environments in place 0 0
Marketing campaigns rolled out 2 2
Length of time project implemented 25 months + 5
ROI – future potential 2 2
Green credentials 11-50 2
Social equality 0 0
Total 46


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